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Introduction and History

‘About Disaster Management’
Queensland Disaster Management Arrangements

Queensland is no stranger to natural disasters. The severity and frequency of disaster events over the past decade has tested Queenslanders and Queensland’s disaster management arrangements.
The Queensland Disaster Management Arrangements (QDMA) is a multi-tiered system of committees and coordination centres at state, district and local levels.
These arrangements recognise that each level of the arrangements must not only work collaboratively but in unison to ensure the effective coordination of planning, services, information and resources necessary for comprehensive disaster management.
These arrangements and the Disaster Management Act 2003 ensure that preparatory measures are taken to guarantee that, if an event occurs, communities are able to cope with the effects and ensure that effects on the community are minimised in responding to an event.
In Queensland, the Disaster Management Act 2003 and Disaster Management Regulation 2014 provide the definitions which underpin the disaster management arrangements.
*This publication was produced prior to the current government.