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Policies, Guidelines and Forms

Queensland public records are at risk of being lost or damaged in disaster events. In circumstances such as natural disasters, authorisation for the disposal of damaged public records or notification of lost records may be required to ensure public authorities remain compliant with the Public Records Act 2002 (the Act). The loss of public records, including vital records, in a disaster significantly impact on a public authority, and result in a loss of corporate memory. 

Queensland State Archives provides advice on disaster preparedness and recovery at:

State level

Queensland’s Emergency Management Assurance Framework

Standard for Disaster Management in Queensland

Queensland Recovery Guidelines* (PDF / 1.37 MB)

State Disaster Management Plan (PDF / 2.29 MB)

Disaster Management Strategic Policy Framework* (PDF / 308 KB)

Queensland Offers of Assistance Guidelines (PDF / 1.85 MB)

Queensland Policy for Offers of Assistance (PDF / 265 KB)

District level

Queensland District Disaster Management Guidelines* (PDF / 1.38 MB)

Local level

Queensland Local Disaster Management Guidelines* (PDF / 2.5 MB)

Queensland Evacuation Guidelines* (PDF / 1 MB)

Operational guidelines

Queensland Emergency Alert Guidelines

Standard Emergency Warning Signal (SEWS)

Queensland Tsunami Notification Guidelines*

Queensland Resupply Guidelines*

Queensland Public Cyclone Shelters Operations Guidelines (PDF / 9.4 MB)

Addendum to the Queensland Public Cyclone Shelter Operations Guideline (PDF / 857 KB)

Queensland Public Cyclone Shelters Maintenance Guidelines (1st Edition)* (PDF / 368 KB)

Queensland Disaster Management Arrangements Participants Guide* (PDF / 6.62 MB)



National Planning Principles for Animals in Disasters (PDF / 520 KB)

Queensland Disaster Management Training Framework (PDF / 370 KB)

Disaster Management Training Handbook (PDF / 6.5 MB)

A Guide to Disaster Risk Management in Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities (PDF Document / 4 MB)

Nuclear Powered Warship Visits to the Port of Brisbane* (PDF Document 293KB)

Nuclear Powered Warship Visits to the Port of Gladstone* (PDF Document 413KB)

National Storm Tide Mapping Model for Emergency Response*

Tropical Cyclone Storm Tide Warning - Response System Handbook (12th Edition)

Queensland chemical, biological and radiological plan

State of Queensland Multi-Agency Response Plan to Chemical, Biological, Radiological Incidents.* (PDF / 304 KB)

Radiological Disaster Plan* (PDF / 396 KB)
Biological Disaster Plan* (PDF / 436 KB)
Chemical / HAZMAT Plan* (PDF / 421 KB)

Natural disaster response and recovery arrangements

For guidelines and forms associated with the Natural Disaster Response and Recovery Arrangement (NDRRA) please refer to the Financial Support section of this website.


Disaster Management Act 2003

Disaster Management Act 2003

Forms under the Act

Form DM1 - Direction about the exercise of powers under other Acts during disaster situations*

Form DM2 - Declaration of a disaster situation - district level

Form DM3A - Extension of a disaster situation - district level

Form DM3B - Extension of a disaster situation

Form DM4 - Request to end a disaster situation - district level

Form DM5 - Declaration of a disaster situation - state level

Form DM6A - Extension of a disaster situation - state level

Form DM6B - Extension of a disaster situation - state level

Form DM7 - Request to end a disaster situation - state level

Form DM8A - Authorisation for an individual to exercise declared disaster powers

Form DM8B - Authorisation for a category or class of persons to exercise declared disaster powers

Form DM9 - Authorisation of Declared Disaster Officers to remove dismantle demolish or destroy a building or other structure in a disaster situation

Form DM10 - Notice of a direction about property

Form DM11 - Authorisation of persons to exercise rescue powers

Form DM12 - Application for Compensation

Form DM13 - Authorisation to appoint a deputy

*This publication was produced prior to the current government.