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About the Emergency Alert Service

Emergency Alert is the national telephone warning system.  It is one of many ways emergency services such as police, fire and emergency services, can warn a community of a likely or actual emergency.  Emergency Alert is not used in all circumstances. Whether emergency services decide to issue telephone warnings through Emergency Alert will depend on the nature of the incident.

The warning system sends voice messages to landline telephones and text messages to mobile telephones within a specific area defined by the emergency service organisation issuing the warning message, about likely or actual emergencies such as fire, flood, or extreme weather events.  You should not wait to receive a warning message before you act.

It is important that communities do not rely on receiving a message; individuals and communities must still prepare themselves in case of an emergency. Please check other areas of this website for further information on preparing for bushfire and extreme weather events.

Parents who provide their children with mobile phones will need to explain to their child what to do if they receive a message. If a child receives a telephone warning when they are at school, the child must follow the emergency management arrangements currently in place at their school.

Telephone based emergency warnings do not replace existing workplace emergency arrangements.  Individuals must follow current emergency management arrangements in place at their workplace.​

For more information on Emergency Alert visit to external site

Emergency Alert Protocol

The Queensland Emergency Alert Guidelines can be accessed at the Policies, Guidelines and Forms section of this website.