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Disaster Financial Arrangements

Following severe disaster events, local, state and the Commonwealth Government respond through a coordinated range of disaster management arrangements to address both the physical and financial needs of affected communities.

A mechanism utilised by the Queensland Government for providing assistance to communities affected by disaster events is the Commonwealth/State Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA) and the State Disaster Relief Arrangements (SDRA). NDRRA and SDRA events are managed within the Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA).

Further information detailing the processes and relief measures under the NDRRA and SDRA is located on the QRA's website:

NDRA/SDRA Guidance:​Trigger Points for Local Governments​ (144 KB)​​​​

NDRRA/SDRA Activation Summaries for current and prior disaster events are located:

For NDRRA/SDRA events prior to 2013/14, you can find the archived Activation Summaries here.

For prior NDRRA/SDRA Event Activation Summaries or further information on the NDRRA/SDRA, please email


*This publication was produced prior to the current government.​​