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Queensland Disaster Management Portal

The Disaster Management Portal provides support to all elements of the Queensland Disaster Management System.  It was created to provide a mechanism to allow the sharing of information on disaster management and is an information service for the disaster management community.

The Disaster Management Portal provides functionality for the users of the system to share and maintain information at all levels. The portal provides functionality to share documents, maintain contact information, set announcements and alerts, as well as providing individual users with the ability to customize their home pages to contain their preferred information.

First Time Users: If you are a first time user of the Portal you must first register by selecting the registration button on the menu on the right.

Registered Users: If you are a registered user, select the login button on the menu.

About the Department of Community Safety

Queensland's Department of Community Safety is unique in Australia. The agency provides services covering all phases of emergency and disaster management - prevention, preparedness, response and recovery - delivered by fire, ambulance and Emergency Management Queensland across a single portfolio.

The single agency structure provides significant advantages and benefits to the community. These benefits occur at many levels, from having single-point ministerial accountability for emergency services, through to the invaluable cooperation and coordination of operational staff in communities during emergencies and disasters.

The Emergency Services portfolio employs 7100 full-time and part-time employees, and is supported by more than 85,000 volunteers across Queensland.  The Department of Emergency Services provides support to a range of organisations that contribute to disaster management as follows:

  • Local Governments
  • Community Councils
  • Disaster Districts
  • State Government Departments and Agencies
  • Select Non-Government Organisations
  • Committees and Groups with Disaster Management Functions

The portfolio incorporates Queensland Fire and Rescue Service , Queensland Ambulance Service, and Emergency Management Queensland. The public service divisions of Business Support Services and Strategic and Executive Services provide strategic and business support to the operational services and volunteers.