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Get Ready Queensland - If you do a little, we all accomplish a lot

Get Ready Queensland is about building our resilience to deal with the extreme weather and natural disasters that are a part of living in our state. Its aim is to make Queensland Australia’s most disaster resilient state.

Resilience is about more than just good preparation or effective responding: it needs a mindset that accepts extreme weather is a part of living in Queensland, and prepares to handle it accordingly.

The Queensland Government is determined to do all it can to foster this new mindset. Our four-year strategy includes a new public education campaign, an annual week of community events focused on getting ready for extreme weather, and a $2 million local government funding program to help councils deliver local initiatives that not only make their communities safer, but help everyone bounce back more quickly after a natural disaster.

Get Ready Week – October 14-20

From October 14-20, 2013, councils, government agencies, businesses, community groups, not-for-profit organisations and individuals will all pitch in to get themselves, their families and their communities ready for the storms, cyclones and floods that can affect us during the summer season.

Past experience has shown one certainty about resilience – it’s stronger when it grows from the ground up. Local initiatives, involving local people, give us the best chance to inspire action.

Check with your local council to find out what’s happening in your community or download the Get Ready ideas pack for some tips on what you could do to make yourself, your family, friends and community, more resilient. You can also read the Get Ready Queensland preparedness guide below for some more tips and information.

Get Ready – one step at a time

During Get Ready Week, we’ll also be launching our brand-new digital initiative ‘Get Ready – one step at a time’. You’ll be able to sign up for your personalised Get Ready program by entering some simple details about your location and your local risks. Each week you’ll receive one simple task to complete that will help to build your resilience. You’ll be able to track how you’re going and see how your community compares with others across the state.

Get Ready Preparedness Seminars

During October and November 2013, we are running a series of Get Ready Preparedness Seminars across the state. The seminars will bring together councils, emergency services personnel, community groups, not-for-profit organisations, media and members of the public to discuss local risks and preparations for the summer.

Get Ready preparedness guide online version

Get Ready preparedness guide print-ready version

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