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TC Larry Report - 28 March 2006

Approximately 12500 sq kms were affected by Tropical Cyclone Larry from Mareeba in the North to Tully in the south and west to beyond Mt Garnet.
Significant damage occurred to houses, businesses, infrastructure, crops and state forests.
TC Larry travelled almost 450 kms inland to around Croydon before being downgraded to a rain depression. It took 13 hours to travel inland.
More than 1600 houses have been tarped.

There are approximately 617 State Emergency Service volunteers, Rural Fire Brigade volunteers, Queensland Ambulance Service, Queensland Fire and Rescue Service and Department of Emergency Services personnel currently working in North Queensland on cyclone relief projects.

Community Assistance
∑ Community Assistance Hotline for emotional, physical, financial and accommodation assistance 1800 440 074
∑ The Queensland Police Service has established a hotline 1800 100 188 to provide information to those inquiring about peopleís whereabouts.
∑ Commerce and business assistance call centre 1300 36 37 11 (Department of State Development)
∑ The Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries has established a Primary Industries Cyclone Recovery Advice Service which consists of specialist advisors to provide financial advice, orchard and crop advice, biosecurity services and scientific advice for tree crops, sugar cane and banana crops. For referral to advice and assistance please call 132 523.
∑ The Department of Communities has provided almost $1.8 million in cash as emergency grant assistance to affected families and individuals.
∑ People can make donations to the Cyclone Larry Appeal on 1800 150 411
∑ Registered tradespeople who want to offer their services can call 1800 631 328.

∑ All roads are now open but people need to travel with care as some smaller country and coastal roads are undermined and eroded. This damage is marked, but motorists are advised to travel with care.
∑ Main Roads are providing road reports on a daily basis.

∑ A full service into Cairns is now operating.
∑ Freight trains are now moving along the lines carrying containers of essential items.
A number of level crossings between Tully and Gordonvale are still affected by cyclone damage but being progressively repaired. Flagpersons are working at these crossings.

All schools will be opened for Wednesday 29 March (total of 156 schools were affected by TC Larry). Innisfail State High School will be open to year 10, 11 and 12 students.

∑ Innisfail Hospital is now restored with mains water and sewerage back on.
∑ Medical staffing is being covered with assistance from Cairns and Townsville
∑ Cairns Base Hospital is providing daily a delivery of food, bottled water, linen and oxygen tanks.
∑ Power on
∑ Cairns Base Holspital providing daily delivery of food, bottled water, linen and oxygen tanks.
Health staff
32 nurses have arrived from Brisbane to assist in the region and a further 80 are on standby in Brisbane.

Mental health staff are providing support to distressed people.

Environmental Health Officers are supporting Local Government Disaster Management Groups.

A team is working in Innisfail on mosquito control.



Premises deemed unsafe, or where safety issues exist, will not be reconnected to the power supply even after power is restored to communities.

CUSTOMERS RESUPPLY Ė By Substation / Ergon
Substation Percent Restored Off Line
Dimbulah 100%
Mareeba 100%
Cairns 100%
Mt Molloy 100%
Cardwell 100%
Atherton 70% 3400 (100 on generator)
Tully 46% 3470
Babinda 26% 800 ( 50 on generator )
Innisfail 16% 8130 ( 550 on generator)
Ravenshoe 75% 300
Evelyn 7% 530
Mt Garnett 39% 270
Milla Milla N/A CBD connected by generator
Kamerunga 100%
Edmonton 100%
Generators are being provided to primary producers in need, particularly milk producers who are having problems cooling milk.

On Monday 135,000 customers off due to TC Larry - by 6:00 pm Monday this had been reduced to 14,500 without supply. This figure is reducing every day.


Water is being progressively restored but issues of pressure, integrity of pipe work and hygiene remain at Innsifail, El Arish, Kurramine, Silkwood, Bingil and Mourilyn. These issues are being progressively addressed. Water in Innisfail CBD restored.

The majority of mobile phone services in affected areas are operational Satellite phones are being provided to rural residents in need of this service

Emergency response primary resources

Atherton Shire
∑ 200 personnel
∑ 30 trucks
∑ 18 bobcats, loaders and backhoes
∑ 50 chainsaws
∑ 10 generators
Mareeba Shire
∑ 30 personnel including 16 QAS paramedics
∑ 5 trucks
∑ 5 backhoes
Herberton Shire
∑ 120 staff
∑ 63 vehicles
∑ 21 backhoes, loaders, excavators.
∑ 5 generators
∑ 15 chainsaws

Eacham Shire
∑ 130 personnel
∑ Majority of council equipment being used

Community reports


∑ Power supply is on to CBD. Properties deemed unsafe will not be reconnected.
∑ Water supply is on
∑ Sewerage system is working

Mareeba region:

∑ Transport - all roads open
∑ Communications
- Telephone networks operational in most areas of Herberton & Mt Garnet.
- Services have been restored to Millaa Millaa. Majority of mobile services are available.
∑ Power
- Restored to all areas of Mareeba and the CBDís of Herberton, Malanda, and Ravenshoe, but outlying areas will take longer.
∑ Water
- Water available in most townships, but some only between the hours of 8-10am and 5-7pm
∑ The majority of damaged premises have been assisted
∑ In the district, 94 farms have no power supply, with 33 working on generators.

Damage assessment

∑ 50% damage to homes
∑ 35% damage to private industry
∑ 25% government buildings
∑ 99% homes have lost roofs or suffered structural damage
Flying Fish Point
∑ 15% homes damaged
Etty Bay
∑ roof damage to 40% of homes
Kurramine Beach
∑ 30% homes damaged
∑ damage to 15% industry
Bingil Bay
∑ 30% homes damaged
∑ No damage to industry

Mission Beach
∑ 30% homes damaged
∑ 20% damage to industry
∑ 45% damage to caravan park
South Mission Beach
∑ 20% homes damaged
∑ 20% damage to industry
El Arish
∑ 30% damage to homes
∑ 50% damage to industry
East Palmerston
∑ 70% damage to homes

Australian Defence Force

Defence personnel are working closely with State and Local Government agencies in Innisfail and Babinda. Defence support now includes over 400 personnel with equipment.

Contact for media enquiries: cdrs media 3109 7278